As far back as my memory reaches as far back I see books. I remember being (more than once) an irritation to others by taking a book about fusion reactors to the beach in the spring when my family visited the eastern sea. Or sitting in my room at home and reading about the Peloponnesian War when other kids watched TV.

Books always accompany me, they enrich my life, and so I thought: Why not share some of their names so other people might enjoy them too? That is what this page is all about. It is a collection of titles in no particular order but with some rough classifications.

But more than that this page also holds a list of books I still want to read. In some sense my digital antilibrary.


They are essential to me. They changed how I see the world and how I operate as a human being.

Well Rounded

Some I like. With some, I disagree. Some are a slug to read. But not having read them would have been a net negative.

Just plain fun

Not every story changes how I see the world. Some just bring me joy. They carry me to a foreign place or let me have a break. They are a small vacation.

Didn’t age well

While publicly celebrated I find their value questionable.


A list of my literary and academic blind spots. Books I haven’t read (yet). This list has only one goal: always be longer than all the lists above combined. My antilibrary should stay true to Aristotle’s exclamation ”The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know”.

Entries marked with 📕 are already in my collection.

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