What started out as a written exploration of what it means to have a good and fulfilling life quickly turned into something I can only describe as meditations on the mind. In the beginning, I was looking for a way to bring stability to my life; a way to unravel the past so as to find a better path into the future. But shortly after I started, this series transformed into something else. All of a sudden my mind turned on itself and began to look behind the veil of everyday words. It turned into an endeavor to find the smallest set of assumptions and truths which underly my life always in hope that once I have found them I may also have an answer to my initial question: what makes a good life?

This essay series is also a testament to how hard it can be for me to go beyond the things I know. The first three articles reiterate Hume’s ideas but without his knowledge and skill. It is an enumeration of his thoughts mixed with a biological view and no proper understanding. Instead of being a meditation, those articles try to be a philosophical inquiry, and only over time did I start to let go and only articulate what I experience. And this process is still continuing. Every essay is a bit different; has a different tone, focus, and style. With this series, I explore not only what it means to be me but also how to best express what is deeply hidden and cannot be fully shared: my own experience.

What are the topics I managed to cover so far?

What comes next?