Chaos is where our inner world stops existing. It is truth not yet uncovered.

Chaos is an endless source of joy and boundless suffering.

Chaos is where we learn what it means to be human. Most of us shy away from that edge between the known and unknown, some even pretend that it doesn’t exist. Few of us venture on, do not hesitate, and walk that line. They make the leap and immerse themselves in what isn’t yet.

Venturers, they push themselves beyond their inner world. They push their bodies and minds beyond what it has done before, beyond what any other human has done before.

But be wary. Do not go too far. Chaos might grip you, pull you, and devour you completely. An abyss filled with suffering. Maybe it is even hell itself? Like Dylan Thomas, I only scream “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. Come back to the shores of the known. Fight your way back to the edge of chaos. Tell us what you have seen. Render chaos to order.

Some get lost forever.

It is those who venture and suffer that walk the edge of chaos. Embrace them. Pity them. Learn from them. Learn for yourself. Make yourself uncomfortable and find joy and a more complete image of yourself in that process.

And never fall behind. Do not stay where you name all things. Chaos doesn’t stop, it will come for you. We push on, go forward, and leap, but for that, we have to sacrifice what we have discovered before. Truths become lies, not valuable anymore. Stay and chaos will move its edge toward you, beyond you and you will be caught.

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