Emerging Dragon

He is the beast of chaos living deep within.


To believe means accepting a mystery, making it a tenet, and acting out its consequences.


is the beast of chaos living deep within. A beast that is married to hope and the fear that it may not sleep forever. But when you pushed yourself too hard and wore yourself too thin, you, this power that kept reign over it for so long, look at its rearing head. The dragon is breaking free. How magnificent its emergence out of order. So sudden, without a warning. It is breaking through understanding, ripping it apart, and before you realize what is happening you lost knowing altogether. It is swallowing you alive, flooding your world with chaos, and for that, you pay a bitter price.

Wisdom is not a virtue, Socrates

Socrates, you talk of virtues and how they guide us to a good and just life. You talk about wisdom and its supreme position among those lights that signal the way forward. You lecture us to invest in philosophical education and dialectic arguments in the hope of finding that knowledge that represents true form, an objective reality that exists for us to grasp and bring back to all fellow citizens like Prometheus brought the fire.


This essay hides from its final conclusion. It haunts me. Every version is pure irritation in need of change. Always following the mantra: this time it will be better. This time I figure it out.

The Right to Pay for my Products

Should we forbid personalised advertisement to gain back our attention, our data, our digital selves? Should we completely break the underlying economic machinery that fuels companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google? I think the answer to that has to be No.